2019 EHS Operational Excellence Conference

Peer Advisors


As nonprofit association, NAEM works closely with a committee of corporate EHS peers, who contribute their industry knowledge to create an agenda that meets the needs of those leading corporate EHS programs today. This investment by peer leaders means that NAEM conferences offer more focused presentations, a deeper level of engagement in the discussion and tangible insights that will help your programs gain traction.


An interview with Program Chairman Dennis Hu, Director, Environmental Health and Safety and System Safety Engineering; Ball Aerospace

Dennis Hu, Director EHS and SSE; Ball Aerospace


"EHS Management excellence is more complex than just maintaining compliance. Today's EHS leaders are expected to participate in strategic conversations about how to deliver business value to their companies, how to respond to stakeholder inquiries, how to integrate their programs into all aspects of a business's operations and how to achieve consistent performance with limited resources..."


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Meet the Committee


Kisa Adkins

Kisa Adkins, Director of Environment Affairs; TreeHouse Foods Inc.

Director of Environment Affairs

TreeHouse Foods Inc.


Lissa Aquino

Lissa Aquino, Manager, Corporate Environmental Compliance Assurance; Stepan Co.

Manager, Corporate Environmental Compliance Assurance

Stepan Co.


Abra Bacchioni

Abra Bacchioni, Senior Technical Manager, Environmental; WSP Global Inc.

Senior Technical Manager, Environmental

WSP Global Inc.

Michael Cocoran

Michael Cocoran, Manager of Environmental Compliance; PPG Industries Inc.

Manager of Environmental Compliance

PPG Industries Inc.


Dennis Hu

Dennis Hu, Director of Environmental Health and Safety and System Safety Engineering; Ball Aerospace

Director of Environmental Health and Safety and System Safety Engineering

Ball Aerospace


Linda Kurtz

Linda Kurtz, Senior Environmental Program Manager; Mars Wrigley Confectionery Inc.

Senior Environmental Program Manager

Mars Wrigley Confectionery Inc.

Barbara Ruble

Barbara Ruble, President; Specialty Technical Consultants Inc.


Specialty Technical Consultants Inc.


Mark Terril

Mark Terril, Corporate Director, Environmental Affairs; PPG Industries Inc.

Corporate Director, Environmental Affairs

PPG Industries Inc.

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